Lampu Export (Thailand) Co., Ltd.


               We are expert in growing and exporting Curcuma rhizomes/bulbs & Curcuma Cut Flowers from Thailand. Our company was established in 1997. We have been exporting and supplying Curcuma rhizomes to Europe & worldwide since 1997. Our rhizomes are clean and free of diseases and pests. Our rhizomes export comes with a Phytosanitary Certificate and Global GAP Certified. Our company is professional; we control all processes from planting , growing , harvesting, selection, quality control, to packaging and shipping. As a result, Mekkanong Garden rhizomes produces superior quality and high yield Pot Plants and Cut Flowers. And Lampu Export (Thailand) Co., Ltd is specialised in all kind of transport acivities.

Quality Certified by Global G.A.P
GGN / GLN number 4056186444240

Lampu Export (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Longan and Fresh Fruits

                We are expert in exporting Thai Fresh Longan , Thai Fresh Fruits and Dried Seedless Longan. We have been exporting and supplying Longan since 2006 to Hongkong and Canada. Our Longan of premium quality. We are proud to export famous fruits of Northern Thailand.

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